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Friends, beer & virtual reality

What could be more fun than a night out – down at our local pub – with friends & family keen to try out virtual reality? Prosciutto Bros. Craft Bar in Eltham were our hosts as we captured the reactions on video of their first 3D Tour virtual reality experience on the GearVR headsets.

“That’s incredible!”, “unbelievable!” and “blown away!” were common reactions. As you will see, it’s best to be seated when losing yourself in the world of VR – you will lose your self in your virtual surroundings.

All RealTour3D tours are converted into Virtual Reality for a fully immersive experience. (We can also supply VR headsets at an additional fee.)
Have a watch & stay tuned for the bloopers reel at the end. Please note: Nobody was hurt (well, seriously hurt anyways) in the making of this video.

VR for Free

VR on the house

Australians are on the cusp of a VR revolution. In the last year alone over Aussies have purchased over 200,000 VR headsets.

The application of VR is broad, however the Real Estate market stands to gain massive benefits and efficiencies with the technology.

3D Tours and Virtual Reality are quickly becoming the preferred method of real estate shopping for the millennial generation, investors and overseas buyers. And why wouldn’t it? From the comfort of your own couch you can tour a home through VR, allowing you to experience the space at your leisure and uninterrupted.

In fact one of Australia’s largest property developers have already jumped on board and are offering homebuyers VR tours of up to 80 different display homes.

Having your house, restaurant, commercial facility transformed into a Virtual Reality experience has never been easier. We will convert your RealTour3D tour into Virtual Reality for free, for a limited time only. Prices for 3D Tours start from $350. Contact us today for more information.

Virtual Reality – The New Benchmark

VR Hardware WebChances are that you have already experienced – or, at least, heard of – 3D Tours.  This amazing technology enables a user to move through a space from the comfort and convenience of a mobile or desktop device anywhere, anytime.  Walk in and out of a room, take in a 360 degree view of a kitchen, take a step closer to artwork hanging on the wall, or get a feel for a retail or function space.


Virtual Reality (VR) is the next generation in 3D Tour technology.  Think of it as creating a completely immersive experience for your clients or customers, giving them a sense of presence and physically being in a space.  You’re not just showcasing a space – you’re driving a positive emotional response which, in this age of competition, is highly sought and valued.


From 3D Tour to VR

Here’s the good news – if we’ve created a 3D Tour for you, you already have VR!  And for a limited time, all our 3D Tours are delivered VR-ready at no additional cost.  Create a 3D Tour…it’s ready for VR.

One of the coolest features of VR is that it requires no additional site-work or preparation to the existing 3D Tour creation process.  When we create a 3D Tour with our clients, RealTour3D takes care to provide a professional, enjoyable and effective service – after all, we’re here to help you and your business.  VR is based on the same technology we use for our 3D Tours – so when we capture your 3D Tour, we have everything needed to create your VR experience.

You simply choose your preferred hardware (below) and you’re all set to experience the new benchmark that is VR.


What do I need?

VR Goggles IconExperiencing your 3D Tour in VR is simple and inexpensive.  For a limited time all our tours are all VR-ready – so just look for the VR “goggles” icon in the bottom right of the 3D Tour screen.  Hit the icon and you’ll be asked to choose which VR hardware you’re using:


RealTour3D Gear VR No Background SmallSamsung GearVR

If you’re using the Samsung GearVR system, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Matterport VR & Oculus for GearVR apps
  • GearVR 2015 or 2016 headset
  • GearVR-compatible mobile phone

Cardboard unbrandedGoogle Cardboard (Android and iOS)

If you’re using a Google Cardboard, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Matterport VR for Cardboard app (Android or iOS)
  • Google Cardboard
  • Google Cardboard compatible smartphone
Like to know more?

If you’d like to know more about Virtual Reality or any of RealTour3D’s services, or would like a quote for a 3D Tour of your space, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Off The Plan 3D Tours bring your project to life

As 3D Tour and VR technology evolves, so too does our ability to deliver exciting new spaces.  Jason and the RealTour3D Team have been hard at work with our project partners, creating Off The Plan 3D Tours.

If you’ve ever struggled to visualise from a plan, then RealTour3D can help you see the space before it’s built.  Imagine taking clients, buyers, customers and friends on a 3D Tour through a space that hasn’t yet been built.  This technology will bring your project to life.

If you would like to learn more, check out Our Services page.

Kangan Automotive Centre of Excellence is just that…

The team at Kangan Institute Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE) are continually seeking new ways to expand awareness of their facility and training programs.  When RealTour3D was invited to partner with ACE in showcasing all the campus has to offer, we were thrilled to work in such a unique and exciting environment.

Kangan ACE is slated as being the largest and most advanced automotive training facility in the southern hemisphere.  The moment you step into the modern, dynamic campus you can’t help but be impressed – from the polished concrete, glass and sleek metal finishes to the 4-storey, light filled atrium.  Every aspect of the ACE is focussed on bringing student, technology and hands-on learning together.

Located in the thriving Docklands precinct, ACE is central and accessible to Victoria’s retail, service, repair and manufacturing industries. Its objective was to spur the growth of enterprises in the industry by bringing together customised automotive training and research and development in the one precinct.