With so much uncertainty still around us, potential customers are more discerning than ever about where they spend their time, effort & money.  Position yourself above the competition by changing-up and leveraging your virtual tours, getting customers through your doors from the safety of their own home.

Reinventing your 3D tours will engage new viewers, as well as give returning visitors something new to experience.  This can be a fairly quick, easy and a cost-effective update to your website. As an added bonus, adding or updating content helps with search engine rankings, lifting your website search results.

Making your 3D tours easy to find and easy to access are the rules of thumb.  So, here are three things that you should be doing now to achieve this by re-inventing your 3D tours.

1. Make them easy to find

Firstly, how easy are your 3D tours to find?  Your tours are the virtual front doors to your business.  How many access points do your customers have?  Browse your website through the eyes of the customer and consider how you can give your tours fresh placement.  Make them available on multiple pages (for example, your home page and also a topic-specific page).  This will help to draw more customers in.

2. Go public

Take your 3D tour public!  Leverage your social media channels and share your tours, reaching people who might not have visited your website otherwise.  Using a simple GIF, a ‘dollhouse’ view of your tour, or short video in a social media post is an effective and enticing way to engage your audience and bring them to your website. 

Alternatively, why not write a short blog that introduces your tour – then share the link in your next newsletter (just like we’re doing here!).

3D Tour Example GIF
Use a dollhouse image or GIF to entice engagement
3. It's all in the presentation

Update how your 3D tours are presented.  If you have several tours and have them housed in a library or on a gallery page – simplicity is critical.  For someone unfamiliar with 3D technology, it can be very overwhelming to see a page of virtual tours staring back at them!

Tiles or a carousel can be a great way to present multiple tours.

Refreshing how they are presented on your gallery page enables people to see something they haven’t before.   Slideshow or carousel viewing is very effective and easy for people to find what they need or discover something new. 

If you are showcasing a single tour, consider embedding your 3D tour directly into the page. This eliminates the need for additional pop-out windows and is simpler for customers to jump into your tour.

Embed your tour to keep users on the page.

3D tours can be your most effective resource in marketing in this COVID-19 era.  These are just a few ideas that can be executed quickly and easily. 

Why not consider re-inventing your 3D tours to achieve maximum impact today?