Existing Space 3D Tours

RealTour3D uses cutting-edge Matterport technology to create existing space 3D Tours that unlock the potential of your space.  This amazing platform enables a user to move through a space in a way that suits them.  Uninterrupted, at their pace and at their discretion.  

Invite your audience to enjoy a tour any time and from anywhere – taking your space to the world. 

Large or Outdoor Spaces

No problem!  RealTour3D have you covered with 3D Tours of large or outdoor spaces. 

The introduction of laser- based capture has enabled us to deliver Matterport tours under conditions which were historically difficult (or even impossible).  Check out this tour of Deakin University’s HD Courtyard, showcasing an amazing outdoor space.


Powered by the market-leading Matterport platform, our tours enable your audience to experience your space.  Our tours are accessible any time and from anywhere.  If this is the first time you have considered a 3D Tours for your organisation, here a few of the exciting benefits.

Set yourself apart

The moment you share a 3D Tour, your audience is actively engaged within your space.  

Capture your audience

Sites and posts supported by a 3D Tour hold visitor attention longer and keep potential customers engaged.

Share your story

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the potential of immersive media.  3D Tours don’t just share your space – they share your message.


Our tours are powered by Matterport and deliver amazing features in our standard package.  Here are just a few…


Switch to Walkthrough for a 3-dimensional interactive experience – like you’re actually there.

Floorplan View

Floorplan View is an amazing, birds-eye view of the tour space – including furniture, colours and textures.

Dollhouse View

Dollhouse View is an interactive, dymanic way to see an entire space. View from almost any perspective and switch between floor levels.


Capture external 360 degree views, giving your guests the ability to experience a property both inside and out.

No software required

RealTour3D’s tours are cloud-hosted and easily accessible via your web browser. 


RealTour3D’s tours are fully responsive too, so can be viewed on mobile device or desktop. 

Google Street View


Matterport 3D Tours can now been published to Google Street View, giving you an opportunity to reach an even broader audience.  

Through our experience and commitment to high standards, RealTour3D are accredited Street View Trusted professionals.

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Optional extras


Tags give you the ability to share targeted information directly within your 3D Tour. Pinned to any location, Tags allow you to communicate directly with your audience where it matters most.

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Video Creation

RealTour3D understands that using different types of media reaches a broader audience.  We established our Video Creation service to utilise footage from your 3D Tour – paired with audio and visual elements – to deliver professional video content.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) takes your 3D Tour and creates an entirely immersive experience.

RealTour3D puts the latest Virtual Reality technology in your hands by converting your 3D Tour into a VR-compatible showcase that will literally turn heads.

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Floor Plans

Gone are the days of spending hours juggling a tape measure, pen and paper on site to then take back to the office to draft.

RealTour3D creates professional floor plans from your 3D Tour data.

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Matterport Service Partner

Matterport Service Partner

RealTour3D is a proud Matterport Service Partner (MSP).  

MPS’s represent a vibrant, global community immersive media professionals committed to delivering quality products based on Matterport’s industry leading 3D technology. 

Show your property in interactive, fully-immersive 3D that feels so real, it’s like being there.

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