Laser Scanning

If your business relies on the measurement and mapping of existing spaces, we provide a cutting-edge solution designed to replace costly, manual site measurement processes.  

RealTour3D utilises advanced scanning technology to capture the physical environment, delivering spatial data with amazing detail and accuracy.  The process begins with site capture, delivering point-cloud data which can be utilised in a multitude of ways. 

No more incomplete or incorrect site information requiring re-work… this process digitises your space efficiently and accurately.

The Workflow

Starting with the Site Capture process, we scale our service to meet your project requirements.  

We can assist clients who prefer to deliver their own CAD modelling, working with you to deliver an accurate and detailed Point Cloud.   RealTour3D also offers a complete end-to-end service, delivering CAD modelling services in most generally accepted formats.

Site Capture

The first critical step is the site  scan whereby we capture a huge number of accurate data points. 

It’s this data which forms the basis of the point cloud and any future CAD model.

Point Cloud

After the site capture is complete, the point data is then registered into a complete point cloud.  

The point cloud is the foundation of the next step – CAD modelling.

CAD Modelling

This is the final step in digitising the space. 

Whether recording the physical environment or the basis of a new project, we can deliver all generally accepted CAD formats.

Compatible with Matterport

Although our scanning services are designed with technical end-users in mind, we also understand that sometimes a customer-facing solution may also be required.  RealTour3D has you covered, with our laser scanning services fully compatible with Matterport – the leading 3D Tour platform.  


Our tours are powered by Matterport and deliver amazing features in our standard package.  Here are just a few…

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