About Us

Based in Melbourne and servicing Victoria, RealTour3D offers cutting-edge virtual tours and 3D technology that will unlock the potential of your space.  The team at RealTour3D will create a virtual model that enables your  guests, real estate buyers or business clients to “walk” through your virtual property - anytime, anywhere.

So what is a virtual or tour? In a virtual or 3D tour you can move through the space in a way that pleases you, uninterrupted, at your discretion; walk in and out of the kitchen, take in a 360 degree view of a lounge, take a step closer the artwork hanging on the wall, or get a feel for a retail space or function room.  A RealTour3D virtual tour can be applied to any indoor space that you would like to showcase to your audience, the possibilities are endless.

Are you an Architect or Developer looking for the detail? RealTour3D can extract the scan data to produce floor plans, elevations or 3D models to save you time and assist at the earliest stage of your project.

With a background in engineering and technology, Brendan and Jason are passionate about the ability of this new technology and its application to a broad spectrum of industries.

We invite you to read more on our Virtual and 3D Tours and Floor plans & Modelling pages.

The Team