3D Tours

3D Tours created for Existing Spaces

RealTour3D uses cutting-edge technology to create 3D Tours that unlock the potential of your existing space.  You can invite your guests, buyers, clients or colleagues to “walk” through your showcase anytime and from anywhere – taking your space to the world.

So what is a 3D Tour? 

This amazing technology enables a user to move through a space in a way that pleases them: uninterrupted, at their pace and at their discretion.  Walk in and out of a room, take in a 360 degree view of a kitchen, take a step closer to artwork hanging on the wall, or get a feel for a retail or function space. 

A RealTour3D Tour can be created for almost any existing indoor space and showcase it to your audience.   The possibilities are limited only by your imagination…

It begins with your space...

3D Tours are designed to showcase your space...but that's not all.  

A growing suite of standard and optional features helps engage your audience:

  • 3D Tour Walk Through
  • Multi-Floor Capability
  • Interactive Floor Plan
  • Interactive Dollhouse View
  • Highlight Showreel
  • Tags


Introducing Tags

Tags give you the ability to share information on key features from directly within your 3D Tour. Tags are pinned to any location within the tour - so you’ll be able to communicate directly with your audience where it matters most.

Interactive Dollhouse

Dollhouse View is an interactive, dymanic way to see an entire space. View from above, the side or anywhere in between; you can also switch between floors / levels and select a location to enter the walk through tour.

Floor Plans

We know that traditional floor plans still have a valuable place in showing the layout of a space.  RealTour3D offers the ability to convert any 3D Tour into a traditional floor plan for online and print-based marketing.



Virtual Reality

3D Tours give an amazing sense of light and space – but what if you want to provide your audience with a completely immersive experience?

RealTour3D puts the latest Virtual Reality technology in your hands by converting your 3D Tour into a Samsung Gear VR-compatible showcase that will literally turn your clients’ heads.

Who are 3D Tours for?

RealTour3D can create a 3D Tour for almost any indoor space, so the applications are limited only by your imagination.  Every day the technology finds exciting new uses.  Below are just a few examples where 3D Tours can be used to reach new audiences.


Take your home to potential buyers – whenever and wherever it suits them – without having to take a single step.

With a 3D Tour, buyers can step through your front door from the convenience of their desktop or device.  Your house is open for inspection anywhere, anytime.


In such a competitive environment, how can you directly showcase your venue to potential clients? A 3D Tour will do just that.

Enable your clients to see everything your venue has to offer from the convenience of their device or desktop.


Are you an early learning centre, school or tertiary institution looking to showcase your facilities to a broader audience?

Whatever your organisation’s focus,  3D Tours will help you capture your world-class facilities and showcase them to your potential students.


Are you looking to showcase your tourism or public space to a broader (perhaps even global) audience? Create a 3D Tour and invite the world in.

Whatever the enterprise, 3D Tours will help you market the full potential of your business and reach more of your target market.

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Powerful, but simple…

Our 3D Tours are not only powerful and engaging, they are easily accessible and user friendly.

Hosted on a dedicated Cloud Solution, accessing your 3D Tour is as simple as using your favoured web browser.  RealTour3D provides links to your tour, so you can easily share or embed directly into your website.

Not only are  our 3D Tours easily accessible, they are optimised for use on any device - desktop PC, tablet or phone.  Which means you can reach your target users easily and effectively.

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